​​​What We Do:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​At PBD we specialize​ in the des​ign, architecture, and ​​​​implementation of: ​

  • Excel-based business models for forecasting or ​planning

  • Business intelligence using applied econometric analysis

  • ​Data modeling and business warehouse development, including SSAS models​

  • Software solutions for process automation​

How We Do It:

To achieve adequate planning during the upstream development phase, ​we leverage Agile planning methodologies.  This allows for increased communication during the developm​​ent of a project and ultimately allows us to achieve highly functional and flexible solutions.​ It also allows us to build our relationships with our clients.

Our Value:

 We understand and appreciate the importance of being an "IT-smart" organization as well as minimizing technical product  debt. Our approach align with what is considered to be "best practice" in the industry. We are aware of and considerate of your security of your data and business practices.